Zuhair Murad : stunning fashion designer

In February, we are very honored to visit Zuhair Murad's Boutique in Paris, France. In his Boutique, there are total of three floors.  The consulter is professional and friendly help us introduce the dresses.

He is the most eye-catching and stunning fashion designer in Europe and America. Nowadays, Zuhair 's brand is well-known around the world especially in Asian China. Many celebrities start wearing Zuhair’s design to important occasions.

 Zuhair Murad was born in Ras Baalbek, Lebanon. During his childhood, he liked to draw on wall and canvas. Zuhair Murad said that when I was a child, I liked to create my own design to my imagined customers. The history of Lebanon and the world-famous exquisite handicrafts deeply inspire me to create and make luxury goods and my design work. After he graduated in High School, he went to Paris and started his fashion career. In 1999, Murad mad his first appearance on the catwalks of Rome with an acclaimed collection.

 Zuhair is a lead of “luxury dresses”. He expresses Baroque, elegant, and luxurious in his style. His extensive lines encompass haute couture, ready-to-wear, wedding dresses and accessories. 

Let's take a look of more Zuhair's collection.

2月,我們非常榮幸能夠參觀法國巴黎的Zuhair Murad精品店。在他的精品店,總共有三層樓。       
諮詢員是專業和友好的幫助我們介紹禮服。  他是歐洲和美國最引人注目和最令人驚嘆的時裝設計師。
Zuhair Murad出生於黎巴嫩的Ras Baalbek。童年時,他喜歡畫在牆上和畫布上。 
Zuhair Murad說,當我還是個孩子的時候,我喜歡為想像中的顧客創造自己的設計。
在高中畢業後,他去了巴黎,開始了自己的時尚生涯。 1999年,穆拉德首次出現在羅馬的T台上,
並獲得了廣受讚譽的收藏。    Zuhair是“奢華禮服”的領導者。他以自己的風格表達巴洛克風格,優雅而奢華。
他的廣泛系列包括高級時裝,成衣,婚紗和配飾。  讓我們一起來看看更多 Zuhair Murad的作品吧 ! 



Vivi CComment
Minnie & Terry Pre-wedding | Summer Fun in Vancouver

The Weather is still cold in the mid June. It's typical in Vancouver, isn't it?
We had a pre-wedding photo shoot last week. Minnie and Terry gave us a great experience.
Although it was cold out there, they were still showing so many passion to us. 
Summer is coming!! Let's throw away shoes and high heels.
Go crazy on the beach!!! Let's be a playful couple. 
Minnie & Terry 卻像兩顆大太陽一樣的熱情,在拍攝中一直放閃工作人員。

Find Joy in the Journey: 走心旅拍婚紗照


What does Pre-wedding photo mean to you?



In addition to shooting the beautiful scenery of Vancouver, we want to give our clients a different experience. Start form two years ago, we traveled around the world with our lovely clients who like to have an adventure with us. In these two years, we went to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Hawaii....


My love for you is a journey; Let’s go on an an adventure.



Oversea pre-wedding photo is not only take beautiful photos, and also record couples' own stories and memories.  

In 2018, our photography team is going to......

June . // Banff // .
. // Taiwan // .
. // Hawaii / /.
September . // Turkey // .


january . // Paris // .



六月 . // 班芙 // .

七月 . // 台灣 // .

八月 . // 夏威夷 // .

九月 . // 土耳其 // .


一月 . // 巴黎 // .

Banff is almost fully booked. Let's find joy in the journey. Contact us for more detailed information!

班芙行程幾乎快被訂滿了,想了解詳細內容嗎? 歡迎與我們聯絡喔!